By the mid-23rd century, the United Earth Space Probe Agency had ventured deep into known space. Now a new mission with twelve Starship class vessels.

The task – reach further into the uncharted expanse for knowledge and exploration.

Such is the intrepid voyages of the USS Exeter. Blazing the trail so that others may follow. This is their adventure. This is the EXETER TREK!

Our Associates

Exeter Trek is filmed at Farragut Films Studio. Farragut Films produces Starship Farragut, an award-winning series based in the timeframe of Star Trek: The Original Series. Farragut Films has completed five live action films, two animated episodes, and one comic book. Farragut Films is in the pre-production phase of a new series entitled, Farragut Forward. For more information, please visit FarragutFilms.com.

Farragut Films Studio is also home to Star Trek Continues, and The Dreadnought Dominion Project.

The Exeter Trek web site is published by Star Trek Channel.

Exeter Trek is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry.

Pilot Era Action