Pilot   Era   Action!


Filmed at Farragut Films Studio, Exeter Trek takes place between the Pike and Kirk eras, aboard the U.S.S. Exeter (NCC-1672), before the doomed mission which occurred under the command of Ronald Tracey (TOS: “The Omega Glory”). Find out more on our about page.


Captain Ellison J. Moorey (played by John Sims), and his diverse crew of well-developed characters, takes us on new entertaining adventures; thoughtful stories that maintain the canon that Trek fans love. Find out more about the cast on the cast page.


The VFX of Ken Thompson, and editing prowess of Wayland Strickland, make this independently produced series one to watch. Find out more about the crew on the crew page.

Watch our promotional video for a little piece of the action. Then, be sure to keep up with the latest developments in our blog.

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Pilot Era Action